Friday, November 14, 2003

After six months of being in a state of disrepair, we've managed to get the batwing back operational.

I made two mistakes when I bought that %$%^ thing.

A. I bought it from a dealer in middle Tennessee (over a hundred miles away) who doesn't give a damn if I'm a happy customer or not. I sure as hell won't be a repeat customer.

B. It's a Farmhand. There's not really anything wrong with it, it's a heavily built cutter, but there are NO dealers within 50 miles of me and this B.S. about being able to go to any Agco dealer for parts is B.S.

Oh yeah, it's metric too.

I won't be buying anyother one of them unless we get an dealer close by and probably not even then. If I'd spent a little more money and got a Bushog, I'd have five dealers (that I know of!) within forty miles of me.

I didn't see any Farmhand stuff at Sunbelt, it makes me wonder if Agco is dropping them.