Saturday, November 22, 2003

The boss just made it home from a Horse Show that she was supposed to be home from many many many hours ago. She has problems with this nifty little device called a TELEPHONE.

Well, I can't be too mad at her, she came home with a fifth place ribbon for a horse that's only been ridden eight times... meaning today, with crowds, noise and more horses was the eighth time that critter's been rode. (The boss wasn't ridding, but it was her horse that she's been training)

So she's very happy. It would be bad form for me to throw a fit right now. I did admonish her about NOT CALLING me.

I've had a fun day of mowing, but I'm pretty much done with that for the year. My only excitment was when the front axle pivot pin decided it wanted to fall out of the tractor. That would have been an interesting little wreck, but I saw the axle wobble and shut 'er down. (this has happened before...)

It will soon be time to tear the front end off and fix that... and the radiator and the fuel tank and the power steering and the... oh well, nevermind.