Sunday, November 23, 2003

A buddy of mine dropped by today. He had his wife and kids with him and they wanted to see the horsies. I took them down to the lower pasture where all the critters were grazing, took a bucket of grain with me... got knocked in the jaw by a horses head so hard that I was seeing stars. The younger critters tend to get excited about treats... my fault for paying more attention to being a tour guide than what my "kids" were up too.

Fat boy came ambling along a bit later, I put a halter on him and let the kids walk around on him (with me leading him). They had a ball, riding on fat boy is the closest they'll probably ever come to riding a baby elephant. The kids (ages 4 and 2) were so tickled it almost made the whack to jaw worthwhile.

Fat boy is an Appaloosa, but he shows no Ap characteristics at all. He's a throwback to his Quarter Horse grandmother. If you've ever seen a picture of Wimpy, he looks just like him... except he's fat. He looks like he could give birth to twins at any moment.

He's not much fun to ride, it takes an act of Congress (or spurs) to make 'im move, but he's great with kids. It's a shame he's a gelding, I could make a little money with him if he still had his orginal equipment. He makes a great pasture ornament though.

It's been about six hours and my jaw STILL hurts. I'm hoping for a bruise. I'm going to tell everybody at work that Sweetie whacked me with a frying pan.