Saturday, November 15, 2003

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a short paragraph for the Possum Man about us scaring some kids over at Chickamauga battlefield some years back.

I talked to one of the other guys who was in on that the other day. He asked if I was at Snodgrass the weekend that he and Hobbit scared the two girls in the MGB. I had to admit that I hadn't heard this one.

It seems that for some reason Scutter and Hobbit needed to go back to their cars that evening. They (and a bunch of other guys) had spent the day doing Infantry demonstrations on Snodgrass Hill. There's not much room to park up there, so all of the guys had parked at the maintenance area.

It was about dark when they headed back to camp, for some reason they decided to go the long way down the road instead of taking the short way across the fields and through the woods.

They got down close to the crossroads at Dyer field and heard a car coming.

They promptly decided to hide.

Two girls in an MGB with the top down pulled up at the stop sign.

Hobbit was wearing a "long rider" duster. He buttoned it all the way up, took off his hat and pulled the duster up over his head....

And proceeded to run across the road in front of these girls flapping his arms and squalling like a scalded dog.

I can only imagine what went through those girls minds at the sight of a headless man in a long white coat running across the road in front of them. If I’d seen something like that, I’d have probably had to go home and change my underwear.

Scutter said the girls screamed, shouted a few expletives and proceeded to leave some serious rubber on the road.

And Terry thinks I've got a mean streak?

I wish I'd been there to see that.