Friday, November 07, 2003

Fun with heavy equipment

ok, I don't what possessed him to do it, but my brother planted the seed in my brain...

Where it soon sprouted and grew like Kudzu.

I have a neighbor with an old Adams Roadgrader that has been sitting for about four years. It's got a four-cylinder Detroit engine, a 12' blade and a set of rippers. Big brother had the brainstorm that we should try to buy the silly thing and use it to dig some ditches in one of the hayfields that's stayed wet most of this year (as well as doing some road maintenance and trying to level out a place for a dressage arena for my bride). Anyhow, I talked to my neighbor and he made me a price. Talked to bigger brother, he wanted to wait. Another neighbor got interested in it. We got in a huddle and went in together on it. I'd like to own it outright, but it ain't like it's a piece of equipment that we'll both be needing at the same time. Tomorrow should be a very very very interesting day, because we're going to try to bring this huge pile of rolling scrap iron home.

It has no brakes... and the governor is stuck (ever heard a Detroit running wide open? it's an interesting sound) We’ll have to do something about the governor before we can move it, but the brakes are what scares the crap out of me. There are a few hills 'tween here and there.

I expect some adventures....