Saturday, November 08, 2003

I need to try to catch up with Stick at some point in time. I've got two books for him. The Candlemass Road and Steel Bonnets by George Macdonald Fraser. Candlemass Road is a short book, I read it in an afternoon. It's an interesting little tale from the borders during the later part of Elizabeth I's reign. Steel Bonnets is non-fiction, unlike most of Fraser's work it's a little dry, but it's a great reference on the border reivers of the sixteenth century. Since Stick is from that neck of the woods, I figure he'll enjoy them. Stick was already familair with the Flashman series, but I loaned a couple of Fraser books to Stick when we worked together which he seemed to like pretty well (I'm still looking for another copy of Black Ajax for you Barry). I have an interest in this stuff because I'm pretty sure my family came from the northern part of England, maybe not exactly borderers, but who knows? I figure 500 years ago my ancestors were stealing his ancestors sheep and vice-versa