Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Possum man mentioned 1911's in an email to me, it makes me miss mine. I had two before I went to college, but they went the way of the dodo because I was too hard headed to try to get any assistance.

I did hang on to the Officers model a lot longer than most of my guns, I think I finally sold it my last semester. I guess you could say I put myself through school with it. Not by robbing liquor stores either.

I hocked it four or five times to pay my tutition. About the time I'd get it paid off, I had to hock it again.

When I finally sold it, I had a crappy job with no better prospects in sight and a four hundred dollar vet bill to pay, so I ended up letting it go for good. Wish I hadn't, but at least I had a good reason, unlike the time I sold my Spencer carbine, or my Bess, or my... oh well, nevermind.

That's a story for another day.