Saturday, November 15, 2003

TC and I went to look at the Avery today. I'm going to pass on it. It wouldn't crank and it's had a bit too much... "engineering" done on it. Someone has cobbled up a mid-mount grader blade for it, a neat idea, but they screwed up the cultivator mounts to do it. Owner wants $800 obo. I'm thinking more like a $100 and I ain't so sure that I'd be getting a good deal then.

We rode on down the road a piece to a place I drive by on my way to the office. Since the leaves have fallen, I've noticed several crawlers sitting in the woods in front of a house, so we went by for a look.

The guy evidently likes crawlers, he had two and a half Olivers (long explanation required, so I'll leave it at that), a two cylinder John Deere Industrial that someone has painted JD green (instead of industrial yellow) and.... something that we can't tell what the heck it is. Whatever it is, it's got a very nice undercarriage and a six-way blade... problem is, that's ALL there is.

The owners wife came out and talked to us, the owner wasn't home, she made it very plain that she wanted this JUNK out of her yard....

I left her my number, but I haven't heard from hubby yet. I don't think MY wife would be very happy with me if I came dragging home a whole collection of junk crawlers.

I'd be living in the barn right quickly I'm thinking.

On the way home, TC's wife called on his cell and asked where he was. He told her that I was dragging him around to look at junk tractors. She told him that since we were out looking that she'd seen one with a for sale on it earlier, so we decided to swing by and look at it too.

I wish my wife would do things like that.

It was a '56 JD 40, tricycle, factory three-point hitch, set up to run either
Kerosene or Gasoline. Straight sheet metal, one new tire. $1200. It was the best looking machine we'd looked at all day. I'm not real interested. I'd like it better if it were a wide front, but I don't really need anything that size.