Sunday, November 30, 2003

This story is more or less true, I'd never heard before yesterday, but knowing both of the main participants, I don't doubt it in the least. Some of the details may be wrong, but it's the way it was told to me.

Once upon a time about 10 0r 12 years ago...

These two old boys I went to school with, we'll call 'em LW and CN, were room mates, they also worked together as carpenters. They were working on building a house about the time this incident occurred.

It seems that one of 'em (CN) had a Corvette that was his pride and joy. He'd had the motor tore down for quite some time and finally got everything back in running order. He didn't have tags or insurance, but he'd had the car tore down so long he couldn't stand it anymore, he had to get out and drive it. He and WL took off down the road and decided to see how the car ran...

I'm sure you can see where this is going already.

Well, as one would expect, the Law commenced to chasing 'em. They had a pretty good little run until CN overcorrected or something and ran the car off in the ditch.

Well, for some reason CN made a run for it and took off into the woods. WL stayed with the car, either from shock or having better sense (hard to tell with that boy, my guess is shock).

I'm a bit hazy on this part of it, but evidently since WL wasn't driving, the po-leece let him go. (This is the confusing part) I don't know whether they let him take the Corvette home (I would think they'd impound it?) or a Deputy took him, I'm not sure.

But when WL finally got home, CN thought he'd done went and ratted him out to the po-leece and came out the front door with a shotgun. WL must have ducked, because CN only winged him in the arm.

I do believe that there must have been a Deputy with WL 'cause they hauled CN off to jail.

The most interesting part about this whole story is that WL went to the doctor, got all bandaged up....

and went back up the jail to try and post CN's bail.

They told 'im that they couldn't release CN into his custody with CN having just shot 'im and all.

WL told 'em that they had to, 'cause he didn't have nobody else to help him finish the house they was building.