Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Carpet Bombing

I got to talking to one of my friends the other day, he's been working a lot of overtime lately.
He drives a lift truck for one of the carpet mills and they've been running six and seven days a week.

I asked him why they were so busy right now and he said "I reckon its on account of the war"

I thought this was somewhat strange, as I do not think that floorcoverings are all that important to national defense or the war effort.

So I made the mistake of asking why the war would cause an increase in carpet sales.

"Well, it's all that carpet bombing they're doing in the middle east."

I started laughing because I realized that he was pulling my leg while he continued...

"Now think about it, you drop 16 rolls of carpet out of a B-52 at 40,000 feet, it's a-gonna make a crater"

Can't argue with the boy's logic... I wonder if the Pentagon has thought of it yet?