Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I know I said I'm not going to talk poly-tics, but I've got a complicated theological question...

I think Donnie, or Acidman, or somebody, referred to Hillary as Sauron and Dean & Co. as the Nazgûl...

If that's the case, what do that make Billy-Boy? Is he Morgoth? If Bill is Morgoth, then who's Jimmy Carter?

I think I've figured it out though.

Morgoth was LBJ (since he was cast down in 1968), Jimmy was a lesser minion of Morgoth, and Bill was the original incarnation of Sauron. Hillary is the incarnation of Sauron that survived the fall of Númenor (no longer able to shape-shift) a being of pure evil.

So, have I read too much Tolkien or what?