Monday, December 01, 2003

Went by the gunshop yesterday, Toby had a magazine (True West I think it was) that had an piece about the Alamo movie in it. Billy Bob looks so much like Crockett it's scary. There was also a mention of Huffines's
book, Blood of Noble men. Evidently they used it as one of the references for building the sets.

I'm glad to see the boy getting some attention. I still feel bad about giving him grief about it.

The spring before Desert Storm, we all congregated at Resaca for the reenacment. That was one of the last times I rode as a member of the 7th Ill. We rode our horses into the ground that day, it would have been like the Little Bighorn, but we had better sense than Custer and never dismounted.

Anyhow, we stayed up late that night, arguing about everything from Armour tactics to who had the best saddle and all kinds of other stuff. Alan said something about wanting to write a book on the Alamo.

We gave him hell about it. Everybody and their brother had already written one, so why in the world would he want to write another one?

I'm glad he didn't listen to the rest of us idiots.