Saturday, January 17, 2004

Bigger brother has found us a 6600 Ford tractor (70hp) for $6500. He wants to talk to them about trading the 933 for it. That's what I've been after for a while, I'm afraid that it's going to lay down and die on me and I don't particularly want to have 6 tons of imovable scrap metal sitting at the barn. I've got so much junk now people think we've got a farm equipment junkyard.

I like the idea of getting another Ford, but I may have found a better deal. A 1085 Massey with cab for $4500, the only tiny little minor insignificant problem is that's it's in Indiana...

A 1085 is an 80hp machine and it's also a row crop tractor, which means it sits higher and has a lot more weight than a utility tractor. I don't know that I want another Ferguson, but I like the idea of something with a cab (my 285 has a cab, but there's no glass in the windows, which leaves me with nature's air conditioning).

ok, I'll shut up about tractors for now.