Tuesday, January 06, 2004

DR told another cat story...

When he was a teenager he was out in his backyard practicing with his bow (He had a bale of hay set up as a target). The little girl who lived next door came by and asked if he'd seen her cat. He told no he sure hadn't, but if he did he'd let her know. He went back to shooting and directly he missed, had an arrow skim over the top of the bale and go flying off into the honeysuckles.

He went thrashing around in the woods looking for his arrow and found it....

Sticking into a dead cat.

He retrieved his arrow and went looking for his dad to ask him what to do. He found his dad sitting on the patio and said "Daddy, I believe I've found Mandy's cat"

He daddy looked up at him and said "Well don't tell her, her daddy threw it out there in the woods 'cause he don't want her to know that he hit it with the car yesterday".