Monday, January 19, 2004

The guy I bought the lumber from had it stacked up in an old chicken house, I had to get DR to go with me to help load it because I couldn't back up to the stack (and yes he whined about his ex the whole damn time). I had to drive through a quarter mile of mud and a small creek to get to it, then pull in beside the chicken house and pass it out through the side of the building.

Whilst we were loading, a small herd of horses came up to investigate. This guy raises Appaloosas, he had several good looking mares. He has a nice paint that DR was about to go wild over, but the one that I was interested in wasn't even a horse. He had the prettiest little sorrel mare mule I've seen in years. She stands about 14.2 hands and had the sweetest disposition of any mule I've ever seen. He uses this little mule for team penning and roping. He said he'd druther ride her than any horse he's got.

He said he had found a good looking mammoth jack he was going to try to buy. If he does, I think I may breed my little mare to him. I believe I'd like to have a good little mule.