Saturday, January 10, 2004

I had a conversation with TC today about another alternate method of picking up bales off the ground. He mentioned that TH (neighbor with the tractor place) had a couple of old pop-up bale loaders that I could probably get pretty cheap (or maybe free). I could use those to load wagons without having to have a helper. I'd still have to go back there and stack, but not as often as I would when I'm baling and stacking.

While I'm rambling on about it, there are two more methods to moving small square bales. A bale buggy and a kicker. A buggy is just a funny looking wagon that's very tall, with a hinged back door. The bales come out of the bale chamber and go up a slide into the buggy. When you get a load, you just open the back door and dump the load. It leaves a mess, but it's a mess that's all in one place.

A kicker (some folks call 'em throwers) mounts on the back of the baler and pretty much throws the bale into a wagon trailing behind the baler. I understand they break a lot of bales if your baler isn't set just right.

I was supposed to go help TC re-posses an offset disc harrow he'd loaned to BP (one of my neighbors in the idiot category) about a year ago. BP took it several miles away to some leased ground he had and LEFT it there. He hasn't bothered to go back and get it. Now, they're building a subdivision next door and TC wants it back before it grows legs and leaves (probably with the road contractor).

Anyway, I forgot about it and he got sidetracked with water heater problems. Maybe next weekend.