Saturday, January 24, 2004

It occurred to me today, that I've not written anything about little man yet. Little Man is my brother's grandson and he is a little fireball. He's five now, we've been taking him with us to auctions and to look at equipment since he was two years old. I've got lots of stories about him, because he's into everything, but this is typical of the little feller...

One day he told poppy (bigger brother) that he wanted to go to the farm and ride in the dump truck (side note: 56' International dump, yes it does run... of course, it ran better before the dirt dobbers built a nest in the carbuerator). Brother told him that, yes they could go to the farm, but they couldn't ride the dump truck because the battery was dead. "Tell your uncle Dave to get a new battery for it."

Well, they headed on down here and along the way Little Man says again "I wanna ride the dump truck"
Once again, Brother patiently explains that they can't because it needs a battery...

Little man started squirming around in his car seat and pulls a "AA" battery out of his pocket.

"it's ok poppy, I brought one"

When he was three, we were going up to middle Tennessee to look at some equipment and stopped at a JD place (not sure which one exactly, but it was right up the road from Duck River equipment). He was going wild, they had all kinds of BIG tractors and they were all GREEN (kids seem to like JD's for some reason).

We walked around back and he saw the biggest tractor he'd ever laid eyes on. It was one of those big articulated 4 wheel drive tractors. You only see those were people still do row crops, which means they are few and far between in North Georgia.

He stopped dead his tracks with his little arms flung out and said "Holy Sh%t!"

I looked at my brother and said "did he say what I think he said?"

"Probably... it's best to just pretend like you never heard it"

On the same trip, we drove through the town of Wartrace. There are several beautiful old buildings and homes there. There is one in particular that looks sort of like the Adams family residence. We slowed down to look at it and my brother and I were talking back and forth about some of the houses features when a little voice from the back seat chimes in...

"I come to look at tractors, not houses."

I have more little man stories, but those are my favorites.