Saturday, January 31, 2004

Now, for something completely different... A Theatre review!

Well, sort of...

I've just returned from attending a reading?(I'm not exactly sure what to call it) that Stick and his friend Amy did at the Chattannoga Theatre Center tonight.

I've known about this for a while, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to attend (my bride backed out at the last minute), but I had threatened him a few days ago with appearing 'mongst the artsy fartsy crowd in full hillbilly regalia to heckle.

It seems I have a new skill, the ability to heckle without words. I did go tonight, amongst the artsy crowd of Chattanooga, in Carhartt overalls, Massey Ferguson jacket, the most filthy disreputable tractor ball-cap I own, pocketwatch in my overalls bib pocket and a wad of beechnut. I bet I'm the only feller that's ever walked into that place with a mouthfull of chewing tobacco.

The place was packed because there were two (I think) plays going on tonight as well.

Many where the quizzical looks cast my way.

I think most of them people decided I was the janitor or something.

Well, they dimmed the lights and ole Stick come walking out from behind the curtain. He'd almost got up there t' where he was going to speak when he caught sight of me sitting there sprawled across't a chair on the front row. He hesitated for a split-second and went to talking.

All throughout the rest of it he never would look my way... even when I got to coughing or shiftin' around.

Sidenote: The $%^# chairs were probably the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in. A dadblame iron pan seat on a fifty year old Farmall ain't THAT uncomfortable. Heck, for that matter 6 hours riding a '59 McCellan with half the rawhide split wide open ain't that bad. Wood church pews... anyway, I've made my point.

After it was over with, Stick admitted to me that he was afraid to look my way for fear of bursting out in laughter.

As for the performance, I throughly enjoyed myself. I've not been to anything like that before, but I believe I would go again when they decide to do another one. I wasn't quite sure what to expect because with Stick, one never knows.

I do hope they're able to find some better chairs for the next one. I wonder if them people'd let me bring a rocking chair and cuspidor in there with me?