Tuesday, January 06, 2004

This is a touchy subject, but I'm going to get into it anyway... This is a tale that's horrible and funny at the same time.

Acidman, among others, has been vocal about his dislike of felines. I'm not overly fond of 'em either, since my bride is, this has led to more than one distrubance of my domestic traquility. (I don't have anything against them, I just think they belong outside)

We had a couple of my bachelor friends over for dinner Sunday evening, which led to a great round of tale spinning and man-talk in general around the table.

My buddy DR related a tale of one his friends who'd been in a running argument with his neighbors over their cat. It seems this feller had a car that was his pride and joy. His neighbors had a cat that evidently took great delight in walking through mud and leaving paw prints all over his car. He had spoken to his neighbors about it on several occasions, but the cat continued it's daily tap dance on his car. (why he didn't just buy a car cover I'm not sure)

He told his neigbhors that if they didn't do something about the cat he was going to kill it. They ignored him. He went and bought one of those little pistol crossbows, figuring that he'd kill it quietly and dispose of the evidence (I think I would have trapped it and taken it for little ride... far, far away).

Anyway, one evening he walked into his kitchen and saw the cat in his garage (why couldn't he close the door?) and grabbed his crossbow. He wanted to make sure that the cat wouldn't get away, so he decided to just shoot through the screen door...

He fired... tearing heck out of his door and hit the cat so hard that it pinned it to the fender of his car that he was so proud of.

So instead of paw prints, he had a hole in his fender and a whole lot of blood to clean up.

DR didn't know what happened after that, but I'd like to think the neighbor beat the crap out of him.