Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, the 560 baler that's coming up at auction is a 5' wide, so I'll have to pass. Anybody out there got a 4' round baler for sale?

Actually, if I had 35k to throw around I'd buy a big square baler. The link is to Heston, but Vermeer, New Holland and John Deere all make these critters. They make a square bale the size of a round bale.

But, if I had that much $$ to toss around I'd buy some of the stock in the salt mines that's floating around... I figure it'd be nice to have a piece of the pie.

While I was hunting that link I noticed that Agco has finally updated their website. Of course the new one is worse than the old one. The design is a little better, but the information is still not that great. They've also done away with the machine finder, which was a little search engine of dealer inventories with prices and photographs of used equipment for sale.

I always thought when you update these things it was to improve them, not make 'em worse. I guess I'm just naive.