Monday, January 19, 2004

Well, I called about the 1085 up north, they sold it two months ago.

I wish these people would learn to update their websites.

I did make it down to pick up my lumber yesterday. 60 2x8x16's for $300. I called the lumberyard this morning out of curiousity, they quoted me $750. Lowes or Home Depot would have probably been closer to a thousand dollars, so I was pretty happy about this. I'll get my posts and lathing next weekend and hopefully be able to start on my sheds by the end of February.

My mother called me yesterday and said her heat wasn't working. This ain't good because it's down in the teens this week. I finally made it down there to check it and discovered she was completely out of gas. She just had the tank filled in November. I knew something wasn't right, because a tank should last longer than that, it has not been that cold until recently.

She called the gas company this morning and they told her it would be NEXT WEEK before they could send someone out to check her tank and lines and refill her tank. They also wanted $1.87 a gallon for fuel. I told her to tell the gas company to come get their damn tank. That is outrageous.

I told her to call another fellow that she knew that worked for Holsten. She called him and he quoted her $1.10 a gallon and told her he'd have a tank out here for her in the morning.

This fellow did better than that. He brought a brand new tank out here and set it up for her TODAY. It wasn't full, but it has enough in it for a couple of days. They're coming tomorrow to top it off.

That's the kind of service that will win you customers and keep 'em.