Saturday, January 17, 2004

Well, I finally got aholt of my lumber guy. I'm going tomorrow to pick up 60 or so 2x8x16's (five bucks apiece!) so I can start on my sheds for my hay barn. Now I just need to talk Terry into doing some drawings for me...

I went down to see TC earlier today, he'd been dragooned into helping another neighbor load up a bulldozer so I went looking for 'em out of curiousity. I found them not too far from one of my leased fields down the road, trying to load a D-6 Cat onto a lowboy trailer by the side of the road. That trailer was a mite small for a D-6. I thought for a minute that those tracks were going to pop the tires as it rolled over them. I got volunteered to follow the lowboy because the lights weren't working. We managed to make it up the road without incident, but an interesting thing occured during that short trip.

They forgot to angle the blade on the dozer once they got it loaded, which means that the blade was hanging over the side of the trailer about three feet on either side. I saw a little red truck coming towards us as we went up the road. This idiot was flying low. He saw the dozer blade coming towards him and didn't even slow down, didn't swerve, didn't do any of the things a sensible person would do when they see a truck bearing a wide load sign headed towards them.

But he did slide over in the seat and crouch down.