Sunday, January 11, 2004

well phooey.

I actually finished up all of my side jobs last night and thought I would be able to spend the day with my darling bride.

Didn't quite work that way. I did get to spend half the day with her. We went to lunch and came back to go worm the horses (ain't that romantical?). Put out a round bale, sold a horse trailer for one of sweeties friends and was debating going with her to look at a new horse that AM (one of sweetie's friends) has.

Got a phone call from one of the account rep's from the office. Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse.

I had to go to the office... on Sunday. To placate the evil client who must remain forever nameless (in this blog at least).

Well, at least I've got a jump on tomorrow's mess.

Ran by mom's to check mail (I still get my good junk mail there for some reason I can't fathom). Got an notice for an auction on the 24th. They have a decent looking 165 Ferguson and a 560 Ferguson (Vermeer) round baler. I need to look that up and see how large a bale it makes. That may be worth going to.