Friday, January 02, 2004

When I said that the TSA folks were nice I wasn't kidding. I'd forgot to mention that sweetie tried to go through secruity with MY swiss army knife that I didn't know she had (she'd forgotten about having it too). They let me take it back down to the ticket guy who put it in with our checked baggage.

I'm starting to recover from my cold, but my sudafed/dixorial/niquil cocktails are leaving me a tad woozy still. I believe in the shotgun effect of medicine. I take a whole bunch of different crap and hope at least some of it will work. Cure ya or kill ya I always say.

If the weather is decent tomorrow I think I'm going to fire up the Cat and go knock down some trees, after I catch up on my loafing (tractor place, barbershop). I have been remiss in my loafing duties lately.