Sunday, February 22, 2004

I did something earlier today that I haven't done in nearly three years. I dragged my fat ass up on a horse.

Not just any horse either, but my little unbroke three year old.

She was good as gold, didn't even offer to buck.

I had spent most of the day expanding the round pen so sweetie can work a couple of youngsters she has. I saw that she had one saddled, but didn't pay attention to who it was until she brought Sunny up to the corral. I wanted to climb on her first, but the boss wouldn't let me. She rode her around for about five minutes and climbed off, so I climbed on on rode for about ten or fifteen minutes. That may not seem like much, but since this was her first time we wanted to take it easy. I expect I'll probably be riding quite a bit in the coming months.

It may have been three years since I've rode, but it's been nearly twenty years since l've ridden a green horse. Hopefully between now and hay season I'll be able to get her finshed so that anyone can ride her. That shouldn't be a problem as she has the best dispostion of any mare I've ever owned (including her mother, who was one of the best horses ever foaled).