Sunday, February 01, 2004

I spent four hours today trying to get the Cat started. When I finally did get it going it was so late in the day that wasn't able to do much with it, which is a shame. The ground is dry enough for good traction, but still wet enough to pop scrub brush and small trees right out of the ground without a lot of effort.

The new Farmers Exchange came yesterday, it's a paper I get that has equipment for sale in middle Tennessee and north Alabama. I always look forward to getting it because it's about the only paper I get that has any bargins in it.
I've been looking around a bit for a round baler, haven't had a lot of luck. I need to get another tractor, but I don't want to lay out a lot of money right now. I figure I can probably spend 3K on a baler without putting myself into money troubles, whereas another tractor would set me back at least 5K.

So, guess what's in the Exchange? No balers in my range, but a 970 Case w/ Cab ($4250), a 175 MF ($4500), a 1085 MF w/cab ($5250), another 1085 MF w/cab AND AIR! ($4900), a 1086 International (130+ hp, $5500) and an International 856 ($3500)... on top of that, bigger brother has found a 4x4 1394 Case with a loader for $6500.

The 1394 is probably the best deal of the lot, but as it stands now I'd be tickled pink to be able to drag any of 'em home. The 175 would be the one I'm least interested in because it's the smallest (62hp) followed by the 856 ('late '60s model in rough condition, but runs well) One of the 1085's would be nice, I'm not adverse to the 970 Case, but a 1085 has the same Perkins engine that my 285 has and most of the filters will interchange (plus I've got a neighbor with a junked one sitting in his pasture). The 1086 would be great simply because it's so damn big. It would pull my heavy equipment without having to work so hard.

Well, maybe I get some more overtime or some more side jobs in the near future. I would say hit the lottery, but ya' gots to buy a ticket first... and really, if I hit the lottery, do you really think I'd be looking at this used stuff?

As a matter of fact, I would.