Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I've found a website for the Haymaster accumulator that I looked at down at Sunbelt. I would love to try one out this summer, unfortunately the company is located in Florida, so I doubt I'd be able to get a demo unit to try.

Talked to some folks up in middle Tennessee that have a rugged looking old Farmall 856 for sale. It's actually close to my price range, but I'd probably have to spend another thousand on it to get it usable. It needs new tires and the original flattop fenders are GONE.

Fenders are important as I don't like the idea of being six feet off the ground with nothing betwixt me and the tires. On a smaller tractor, that wouldn't bother me. Fenders were an option on the letter series Farmalls, you will rarely find one in the south with fenders.

I could possibly go to a boneyard and find an old Excel or Hiniker Cab to go on it... TC is pretty good with air conditioning... That would be pure bliss to mow with climate control....

Still, it's a 100 pto HP machine. I could hook the mower to it in the spring and free up the Ferguson for the rest of the summer.