Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I've mentioned the Grumbling Bear (one of my co-workers) in passing before. He used have some sort of job with the Yankee Guv-mit in Warshintin. I regularly accuse him of being some sort of junior cypher clerk for the spooks at Langley, which pisses him off to no end, which is why I do it. I dearly love to poke him with a stick. He's also an Über-dimocrat which makes it that much more fun.

Yesterday being Groundhog day, I yelled at him when I came in, "Hey! Karl Rove saw his shadow this morning, you know what that means?"

"rahhrahrawreah* what?"

"Fo' mo' years of W!"

"raaarrh rea raaah!"

*he makes these sounds quite often, hence his name, "Grumbling Bear".
I told him it could be worse, we could have named him the "Constipated Bear".