Saturday, February 21, 2004

I've mentioned that I went a couple of weeks ago and bought 50 2x8s for rafters; I called the lumberyard yesterday to order some 2x12s for stringers... $14.95 each (I hate to think what Lowes or Home Depot would cost) and since I need 32 of 'em I was not happy. The stringers were going to cost me close to $500 and I still have to buy something for lathing and metal for the roof.

I went this morning and looked at some lumber that a fellow had advertised in the Market Bulletin a couple of weeks ago. 2x8s for $3 each. I bought a hundred of 'em. I figure I can double 'em and rip the rest of them into 2x4s for my lathing.

I'm almost ready to start my sheds now, I've just got to order my posts and I'll be ready to start.

That took up part of the day, I spent the rest of it riding around with TC looking at some junk tractors and jacking up our roadgrader so that we can fix two flats on it (TC "found" an old spike tooth drag harrow in his pasture when he was knocking out some terraces).

So my big payday from my freelance job is pretty well spent now (did I mention I paid off my Lowes card? That damn thing is getting cut up and canceled shortly). I did squander forty bucks to get Open Range and Secondhand Lions on DVD.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean up around the barn so that I'll be able to start my construction next weekend (depending on the weather).