Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sweetie's got some friends who fox hunt, y'know red coats, hounds and all that. She was invited to a Hunter Pace back in the fall, which is sort of a practice run for a real fox hunt.

She had a really good time and expressed interest to her friend in joining the hunt club. She was taken aback that the dues are a Thousand dollars a year.... She has since found out that's cheap compared to some clubs.

When she got home and started telling me about it she complained about the dues being so high and didn't understand why.

I knew why...

And I told her why. She didn't believe me at first and she's still not positive I'm right, but I am.

It's to keep out the riffraff.

People like me, who would bring their own dogs (why cain't my Bluetick run foxes? hell, he runs everything else in the valley), people like my Vet, who used to take a mule to the fox hunts when he was a student at Mississipi State...

They'd call the law if I showed up at one of them things. I'd carry a buffalo rifle and bring every coon dog I could find. Either that or go in Safari attire, complete with pith helmet and gun bearer.

I like the first idea better, but dangit, what's the point in going if ya cain't run yer own dogs?

Thing is, the folks that I know that belong to these clubs know better than to invite me.