Thursday, February 12, 2004

whew! almost finished with the catalog from hell... finished the index tonight.

I've just got home (8.45pm) and I'm raht tarrd.

The cover goes on press Monday morning; I'm hoping they'll let me go up there for the press check, but I'll not hold my breath. Even with this project winding down, I'm still busier that I've been since... oh, um I guess the last catalog.

It may be a short-term blessing that we've lost a couple of clients recently, I doubt we could handle the work without having to farm a lot of it out. I dislike it when they do that, I'd rather do it myself rather than have to worry about whether someone on the outside has done the job right. I hate having to go behind someone and fix everything... that was part of the attraction of an agency, I get to cause problems instead of fixing them!