Wednesday, March 17, 2004

DR's Love Life

I've got an update on the DR saga

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that he'd discovered the singles lines and I feared what he might drag home. I've been a touch busy at the salt mine and covered up at home as well, so its been three weeks since I've talked to him.

I called him Saturday to see what he'd been up to. He was bursting with all kinds of news. He said that he had indeed found a girl on the singles line, but he stopped pursuing her when he discovered she knew his ex-wife. Now, how did she know the ex?

Why, they used the same drug dealer of course.

He lost interest in that one right quickly. He's learned a little bit at least, since he knew better than to mess with another one with a pill problem.

In related news, the doper boyfriend of his ex got busted (by a deputy we went to High School with no less) for a bunch of crap, four felony counts and a couple of misdemeanors. It seems he went into a stop n' rob, drunk, and started hitting on the cashier. When she spurned his advances, he pulled a gun on her.