Saturday, March 20, 2004

Fun with Tractor Tires

Bigger brother came down today and we fixed the flat tire on the 3600... three times.

They don't make inner tubes like they used to.

We kept poking holes in the new tube while trying to get the tire back on the rim. And of course, we didn't have anything to patch them with. I ran down the road to my neighbor who sells equipment to see if he had that sort of thing for sale. He didn't have anything to sell, but he went into his shop and gave me his tools, patches and glue so that I could get everything operational.

Good neighbors like that are hard to come by. I'm very fortunate in the fact that I am blessed with several neighbors like him.

After our second unsucessful attempt to put the brand new tube in, we patched the old one and put it back on the tractor. So far, it's still holding air.

I also got a lead on a Farmall 140 not too far from here. The gentleman who told me about it has a lawnmower repair business and he said the owner was trying to trade it to him for a riding mower. Since the tractor had a flat rear tire, he passed on it. This fellow is an older gentleman who gets confused sometimes, he said he thought it was a 140, but it could be a cub, or an A, or a Super A. All he knew for certain was that it's an offset Farmall (the seat is to one side on the rear, so that you can see to cultivate).

If I can get my grubby little paws on that (if it is indeed a 140), I may go back into the sweet corn business in a major way.

We also marked off the north end of my barn addition. I've finally aquired all my lumber. Hopefully I'll be able to start on in the next few days. Since I was unable to con the Possum man in to drawing me some purty pictures to go by, I'm having to rely on bigger brother's alleged expertise... hopefully it won't blow over in the first strong wind we get.