Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Heard something on the radio about an F-18 crashing or crash landing up in Rhea County the other day. Then I heard that them boys up there had it stripped and up on blocks 'fore the FAA was able to find the place on a map.

Not to name any names, but there are several counties around here with that "reputation", if you will. Stealing cars, growing pot and making meth seem to be the primary occupations of a sizable minority of upstanding citizens in these particular counties (to hear the local news tell it at least). Lest anyone should think I'm singling out the fine folks in Rhea County, I've heard that about several other Tennessee counties and more than one Georgia county. I'm not saying that it's true, just that the reputation is there.

Moonshine, now that's an honorable occupation in comparison. It plumb tickled me that they busted a couple of stills a few months ago. I was proud to see somebody still making 'shine. After all, isn't corn likker a large part of the perception the rest of the country has for the South?

I still can't get over the 500 gallon job that was in an abandoned house across the road from city hall down in Resaca. Granted, Resaca is literally a wide spot in the road, but still that takes some gall? cojones? a very warped sense of humor? all of the above?