Saturday, April 24, 2004

I missed the Possumblog Thursday three. Dang!

ok, here we go, two days late:

1) What three (3) Southern places, towns, or regions (aside from your own, if you currently reside in the South) do you think you would enjoy living in?
hmmm, Middle Tennesse, fairly close to Shelbyville so I can taunt the Walking Horse people, Northern Mississippi around Corinth (dunno why, just like it) and the Shenendoah Valley.

2) What 3 (three) Southern places, towns, or regions (aside from, &c., &c.) have you ever visited and would never want to set foot in again? (I make the special note that you must have actually visited there, mainly because some people have irrational negative opinions about places based entirely upon what they have heard from others. Nothing like first-hand experience.)
That's easy... Atlanta, Florida and Atlanta.

3) Finally, what are the three most distinctly Southern tourist traps you have ever visited?
The peanut/pecan places beside the interstate in South Georgia... Sorry I can't offer any others. I generally avoid touristy-type places, so I am not the best judge for what is a trap and what isn't.