Thursday, April 15, 2004

Possumblog's Thursday Three Volume II

1) What three LIVING people from the South would you invite to your meal?
Not to seem like I'm sucking up to anyone, but there are a few bloggers I'd like to have dinner with. Terry being one, The Lawyer being another. For my third, I think I'd like to go with a politician, either Zell Miller or Fred Thompson.

2) In recognition of Faulkner’s aphorism about the past not being dead and, in fact, not even being past, what three DEAD people from the South (aside from Faulkner) would you invite to your meal? (Assuming, of course, that they would not show up like extras from Dawn of the Dead, but rather would show up in the form they held before leaving their corporeal habitation and advancing to their ultimate reward.)
That's an easy one, Sam Houston, John W. Thomason and Mark Twain. If Twain is excluded for being from a Border State, I'd say John Cabel Breckinridge. Now, that being said, there's a whole slew of Confederates I'd like to visit with, but that's another discussion.

An alternate dinner party, just to listen to what is said, Sam Houston, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, after all was born in Kentucky. Not just the dialouge between Lincoln and Davis... Houston disliked Davis and described him as being "cold as a lizard and ambitous as Lucifer..." I expect Colonel Thomason would probably like to be there to hear that conversation too.

3) After the warm conviviality of your feast has been deeply shared by all, what sort of postprandial parlor games would you employ to entertain your guests?
I don't know that I would waste time with games. I'd say that conversation would be the order of the day. But then, with Sam Houston being a guest, there's little doubt that acohol would be involved.