Thursday, April 15, 2004

Rankin' Rob has an interesting post up about being groped by the Keebler Elf. I reckon Bobby Lee Cook would be all over that. Rob should call him, Bobby Lee likes high profile cases with big payoff potential.

However, I digress, I've never been groped by anybody unless I count the bride. I doubt she'd admit to it with her well-known decorum... sorry, that's an inside joke. She just discovered today that my friends consider her a bitch on wheels when she's pissed-off and that it is wise not to provoke her. I, of course knew this when I married her. It was a big part of her charm.

Anyway, back to Keebler Elves.... I don't know that I would have admited this if I were Rob, even it was a female in the Ernie suit. Come to think of it, are you SURE it was a she in that costume?