Thursday, May 13, 2004

Axis of Weevil (Possumblog) Thursday Three, Volume VI

SEEING AS HOW our beloved South is known to some for its engaging, bucolic rusticity, we would like to know:

1) Have you ever used an outhouse? And we’re not talking portapotty, but a real, live, honest to goodness, wood-plank-over-a-hole, crescent-moon-door-cutout, infested-with-dirt-daubers privy. Please describe the experience.
Yes, as a small child... complete with Sears & Roebuck catalog. I will merely say that I have no desire to do it again. Dirt daubers! hah!, try yellow jackets and spiders. I have heard tales of snakes too... I know all about light colored corncobs verses dark corncobs as well, although I have never used one in that capacity. Which reminds me of a story... hmmm, best not to go into that now, since some of the perpetrators participants are still alive.

2) Have you ever called livestock for feeding? If so, please describe the type of animal, and a general approximation of the call used.
Horses, Mules, Cows, Chickens... I don't use a particular call, rattling a bucket of feed works wonders. I do have a couple of "confused" horses who think they are dogs and will come to me when I call them by name.

3) Have you ever driven a tractor upon a public street? Again, if so, please describe any backstory you deem necessary to allow our less well-rounded readers to fully appreciate the experience.
I have driven a tractor down a state highway more times than I care to think about. Since we are growing a new crop of pricey subdivisions nearly, it can be quite interesting at times, driving on some of the more curvy roads whilst dodging teenage idiots in expensive cars who like to drive 70 in a 45. Rather than people waving at me as I represent a rustic picture from a bygone era, I attract dirty looks and various versions of the finger. This is one of many reasons that I like BIG tractors better than small ones...