Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Busy this week, so I'm spending most of my time leaving comments on other people's Blogs.

Farm update; The 285 is still in many, many pieces. The disc mower is fixed as of today. Hopefully get the rake rebuilt this weekend. I'm out of luck on the tedder, I'll probably be mowing before I'll be able to tear it down. Oh yeah, both lawnmowers are dead. Looks like I get to bushog the yard.

The neighbors are mowing hay right now. I am an unhappy boy.

One of my buyers from last year backed out, I've still got 300 bales from last season I've got to get rid of at a giveaway price to get it out of the barn.

ok, that's enough woes and whining for one post. That should be enough to run off both of my readers.