Monday, May 17, 2004

I learned an interesting lesson yesterday.

Never, ever taken a semi-drunken DR to the Wal-Mart.

My battery charger died, so I went to get a new one and took DR with me. Bad, bad idea. He'd been helping me work on fence for a couple of hours (actually he worked for about half an hour, then went to sleep in the truck while I worked on the fence). I was ready to take a break, so we went after a battery charger. Should've went to Harbor Freight. There would have been fewer females for him to owlishly leer at. It was embarrassing. I finally had to tell him, "'s one thing to check a gal out, it's quite another to gawk and drool in such an overt fashion...."

The bride asked me if he knew what overt meant.

Anyhow, had a stray dog show up today. A near-pureblooded yellow lab puppy, half starved, covered in ticks. Friendly little feller, all he wanted was something to eat and some attention. I knew if the bride saw him I'd be stuck with him. So I loaded him up in the truck and took him to DR.

He loves the Bride's little Chi-weenie rat dog and has made noises about getting a dog, so...

My instincts were correct. He likes the little critter, so I was able accomplish two things by taking him the puppy. 1) I didn't have to take the dog to the pound, 2) DR now has a companion who won't rob him blind..

I loaned him a chain, a doghouse and gave him a sack of dogfood, put Frontline on him (the dog, not DR) and gave him his shots (except for rabies, the vet will have to do that) and wormed the little feller. I hope the dog will bond with him.

Considering his past track record with the fair sex, I think that dog will do him more good than a new girlfriend will.