Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've been rather busy doing some catalog work this week, but I am, for the moment at least caught up.

My luck seems to be turning for the better. As I walked outside this morning, I noticed something hanging down under my truck. 'twas my poor muffler, which finally gave up the ghost and disintergrated (the front half of it anyway). I went by the muffler place close to my office where Indian Bob works. For the princely sum of twenty bucks (cash) he put a muffler off a Mustang on the F-150. I can't buy a freaking muffler from Auto Zone for twenty bucks. As I've said, Indian Bob is a pretty good guy, even if he is a yankee.

In other news, I found out what the problem is with my tedder. All the bolts on the bottom of the gearbox have worked loose. That's better than having to put new bearings in the gearbox. A little loctite and about an hours time will have it operational.

Lawnmowers are still dead. I can't find blades for the MTD because it's obsolete... suprise, suprise, I own obsolete equipment, who'd a thunk it?

The Ferguson is coming along, although it is still in many, many pieces. I should have taken a picture of it. Everything from the motor forward was off. Axle, grill, radiator, the whole shebang. I will most likely have everything back together this weekend.

Now, if it'll just quit raining sometime before June....

Speaking of rain, or lack thereof, this next little tidbit comes to me about third-hand, so I don't know how accurate it is...

My cousins, who farm down the road a ways, got some sort of letter from the county saying that they can't plow under certain conditions because it causes too much dust. I want to find out a little more about that. I do not think that's something a county can enforce. I'm not sure it's something that can be enforced at the state level for that matter. This sounds like some sort of EPA bullshit. I'll probably see them this weekend and find out exactly what it's all about.