Monday, May 24, 2004

Since we put a roll bar on the Ford a couple of years ago, I can't get it into the barn when we're cleaning stalls. I've been using my JD 110 mower to move the spreader around with. I can actually use it to empty the spreader as long as it doesn't have a full load.

Sweetie hired a couple of boys to strip the stalls last week and I used little John to spread it with. When I was finished I left the spreader (and mower) parked in front of the barn and didn't think anymore about it. Until...

Saturday morning I had to run down to the tractor place down the road to get some bolts for the 285. About the time I got out of the truck, Andrew, an older guy who works there, yelled at me from the shop...


I'm thinking oh shee-it, what did I do this time?

I walked down to the shop where Andrew had a pretty good audience (4-5 people) and he said...

"I want you to go over yonder and pick out one of them tractors. I'm a gonna stand good fer it. I seen you had that little lawnmower tied to that manure spreader and I figure that any man who's a-having to pull his spreader with a lawnmower needs hisself another tractor."

He was pulling my leg of course, but what he didn't realize was that I HAD been using the mower to pull the manure spreader.

He thought I was pulling his leg when I told him that I had.