Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm raht 'tard

Opposed to I am a 'tard, as has been claimed by some.

I staked my tomatoes Friday evening when I came home from work. Looks like I'll have a little corn next week. The rest of it will be in July sometime as it was planted later. %^$# morning glories have overrun the okra because I've been wrapped up in hay to the point I've neglected the garden.

I mowed (pasture) most of the day Saturday and then mowed some more (yard) untill about 11:30 Saturday night. I figured it would be cooler then than during the day... I do believe Saturday was the hottest day we've had yet. I had a heck of a time hooking the batwing up to mow with. I knocked down about 25 acres with it from around 2 until 7. Everything worked fine, so hopefully I am past my gearbox woes of last season. The 285 ran good, no overheating, so I am hopefull that it'll make it the rest of the season without any more major reapairs.

Moved hay, worked on sweetie's arena and fixed fence yesterday. Mowed a little more of the yard too.

I broke a belt on the baler Thursday, so I had intentions of getting TC to finish baling for me yesterday. That fell through because one of the other neighbors (LA) was broke down in the field with hay that, unlike mine, hadn't been rained on four times. I stopped to help him and TC called me in the midst of that, so he came over and we got LA's baler fixed so that he could finish up. By this time it was nigh on to dark so we gave up for the day.

Time to come back to work to rest a bit.