Monday, June 21, 2004

Still busy, it's catalog time again.

Hay got rained on three times, but it was dry enough to bale Saturday. Can't square bale it (horse people won't buy it), so I decided to roll it. I figure that cost me a couple of hundred bucks. Wouldn't been more than that, but I don't have to pay labor, so that helps a bit. Rolled 61 rolls of 4x4 bales over the weekend. It was raining here at the office Friday, so I called TC to see if it was raining at the house, our conversation went like this:

Me: "what's agoin' on?"
TC: "I'm fixing to go tedd some hay."
Me, getting excited because I thought the rainhad missed us : "Are ya really?"
TC: "Yeah, soon as I figure out how to mount a three-point hitch on a rowboat."

Broke TC's tedder Saturday and had to get bigger brother to do some serious welding on it. I would've done it myself, but he's TVA certified and can weld a whole lot better than I can.

I had mowed for TH (another neighbor) at the same time that I mowed mine. He and TC decided to go ahead and bale his Saturday afternoon (it was dry too) as soon as I finished tedding it. I headed home and hooked up my rake and went back to my field and raked the outside swathes, figuring to bale them Saturday and get it out of the way so that I would have an easier time raking Sunday.

Noticed TC was almost finished as brought the baler down and started rolling mine. Got about halfway down the first windrow and saw TC top the hill with his baler. He started in the windrow beside me. I got to the other end of the field and TH came rolling through pulling a rake. We got over half of it baled before dark. It took me about two hours to finish on Sunday. I've started gathering it up to move it, but I'm not finished yet. I've still got to figure out where I'm going to put all of it.

I like having good neighbors.