Friday, June 04, 2004

This is in answer to a request from Stick.

This is my Grandmother's sister Willie in her youth. Yes, Willie. My Great-Grandparents evidently liked giving boy's names to their girls because they also had a daughter named Cecil. Since they had eight or nine girls and only one boy I wonder if it was wishful thinking? Actually there was a bit of a disagreement on which sister this was, my mom thought it was Cecil, but my aunt Reba (who remembers her aunts in their youth) assured me that it was Willie. Both of them were tall, Willie was six feet tall and Cecil was nearly as tall, my grandmother (their little sister) on the other hand wasn't much over five feet tall.

I remember Willie from my youth when she was old and stoop shouldered and careworn.

I found a WWI era postcard from a military hospital in France inside the lining of an old steamer trunk that came from her house. The card was barely legible, but I was able to make out enough to know that the writer was telling her how someone she knew at another hospital was doing. She never married, but I've often wondered if either the writer or the fellow the writer was refering to was her beau and he never made it home.