Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I would have thought my Bastille Day witticisms would have garnered at least one or two comments. Oh well.

In other news, this is how much of an idiot I am. I finally got the new universal joint on the mower today, but managed to booger up one of the seals and had to take it back off. In the process I messed up one of the caps that contain the four ba-zillion needle bearings that make these suckers work. Whilst looking around for my big honkin' set of vise grips, guess what I found?

A box that contained a U-joint. Not only that, it was a U-joint for the mower. When I opened the box, I saw two of the caps missing. Everything else was still there. Then I remembered that I had to replace a yoke and two caps last summer. What this means is that I spent most of Sunday afternoon in a fruitless search for parts that were five feet away from where I was working on the mower.

This is because I am not an organized person, nor is my memory that great anymore. Or it could be that I'm becoming one of the idiots that I write about...