Monday, July 19, 2004


They've changed the %^#* weather forecast again. Naturally, they change it AFTER I lay 15 acres on the ground. I hope it misses us. I getting tired of rain every-other day.

I tried to cut the end of my finger off with a pocketknife yesterday. I was trying to open a bucket of hydraulic fluid and the blade snapped closed on me. Laid open my pinkie from the top of the nail alllllll the way around to the bottom. I wrapped my vile, greasy bandana that I use for a sweat rag around it until it stopped bleeding, went and got a band-aid for it, then headed for the field.

It was only much later (ok, it was this morning) when it occured to me that I haven't had a tetnus shot in about 15 years.

It's a blooming wonder I'm still alive with all the stooopid stuff I do.

Bigger brother came by and got the filler cap off the disc mower gearbox. Odd thing that. Everything on that mower is metric, but the hole is a half inch pipe thread. Weird.

He didn't show up until 12:30 or so. I had been bush-hogging all morning and had about given up on him, but I was determined to start mowing hay.

I pulled the Ford around the barn and hooked up the poor, neglected sickle mower. Always faithful, but sadly pitiful. Barely used these past three years. I needed to change some of the sections out that were excessively worn. Got about halfway finished with that when brother arrived, so I abandoned that project to get the disc mower hooked up. That wasn't fun. The driveshaft is twisted now, so it's almost impossible to get on and off without help. Brother and I managed with the assistance of a come-along, a pry bar and BIG hammer. It still took half an hour. I don't know how in the heck I'll get the damn thing back off.

And off it needs to be, because it looks like there will be no fit weather this week after all.