Saturday, July 17, 2004

I have a window

of clear weather starting tomorrow. I expect I'll be mowing from noon onwards, provided I can get the $&*# mower fixed in the morning. I can't get the &*%^ filler cap off of the gearbox to change the dope. I've messed with it off and on for a week. Bigger brother stopped by today, so I asked him to take a crack at it.

He managed to twist the top completely off. Until I get the %^&$ thing out, I can't mow with it. Looks like I may be greasing up the 'ole sickle-bar mower. That is a scarey thought. I can't imagine having to mow as much I have to mow with that thing. Granted, I used it for many, many years, but it's waaaaaay too slow for me now. In the same amount of time, I can cover (maybe!) a quarter of the ground that I cover with the disk mower.

On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed that any time I say that I'm busy and probably won't be writing much, it turns out to be the other way around. This nonsense I write (type?) actually seems to be a dandy stress outlet.