Thursday, July 01, 2004

I need to update the ole Blogroll in the near future. I've discovered a lot of new folks that I've been reading of late. I think my last addition was Rankin' Rob and that's been a while back. I've had several nice folks Blogroll me and I appreciate it, but I would like to say that if you've done it simply because I've put you on my roll that I am not offended if you don't reciprocate. If you're on my roll, it's because I like your writing or what you're writing about. I don't put folks on there just so that they'll link to me.

I had a conversation with Terry about this some time back, but you might notice that with few notable exceptions, my Blogroll is mainly made of of Southerners. This is not an intentional thing, it seems I gravitate towards my own kind. As they say, blood is thicker than branch water. I read a lot of Blogs that aren't on there, I've just been too lazy to add to it lately.

So, if'n ye're a yankee what stumbles accrost this heah foolishness, don't you be all o-fended by my lack of divers-city, 'cause I've got some mo' folks to add to it. Some of 'em is even furriners. If'n you kin imagine that.

I'm also thinking of putting a "current reading" list up somewhere, just for the heck of it.