Friday, July 09, 2004

My new hard drive seems to have cured a minor little annoyance that my G4 had. Whenever I would start up, I'd get a little question mark icon, which means the system couldn't find the boot disk. That seems to have gone away now.

I'm still reloading software. Luckily I did back everything up in January, so I didn't lose too terribly much, as I mentioned in the previous post, I've not done any free-lance work in several months. Unfortunately, I backed everything up onto a DVD. I don't have a drive at the moment, so I had to wait until today to borrow one from the office. I'm happily copying my fonts back over as I type this.

I set this drive up in several partitions. I'm going to take another shot at OSX (that's OS TEN. Nothing annoys me more than these idiots who insist on calling it X... apparently our piss-poor excuse for public education no longer teaches that X is the Roman numeral 10. Stick, if you're reading this you know WHICH idiot I'm refering to)

Came home and spent all evening picking corn. I get to run around in the moring and play delivery boy.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to try to borrow TC's sprayer and do my part to make Mother Earth cry out in anguish by applying copius amounts of 2-4D to my leased ground. It won't get rid of the Johnsongrass, but it will get rid of the pigweed, ragweed, dogfennel and other assorted undesirable crap that's sucking up my fertilzer.